Resources for Patients

Acthar Gel offers downloadable resources and tools to help your patients at every step

Acthar Gel Rheumatology Treatment Guide

This guide is for patients who have been prescribed Acthar Gel by their rheumatologist, but have not yet been approved to start treatment. The guide will help them prepare for the approval process and educate them on all of the Acthar Gel rheumatology indications.

Acthar Gel Rheumatology Patient Starter Kit

This kit is for patients who have been prescribed Acthar Gel by their rheumatologist and have been approved to start treatment. The kit provides information on next steps, such as education on available resources and injection training, and materials to set them up for success. You can download the following pieces from the kit to give to your patients:

Step-by-Step Injection Guide

The guide provides instructions on preparing and injecting Acthar Gel. This includes finding areas on the body to inject Acthar Gel, completing the injection, storing Acthar Gel, and disposing of Acthar Gel and injection supplies.

Support Resources Guide

Along with an overview of what to expect during the approval process, this guide includes information on the support services Mallinckrodt provides for Acthar Gel patients. These services include injection training, ActharPACT, and financial assistance options.


Treatment Journal

This journal can help Acthar Gel patients monitor injection sites and their side effects. The journal includes areas to record treatment schedules, monitor treatment progress, track injections, write down treatment goals and record questions.

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